Szabłowska Studio


We are a small production and design team led by the vision created by Małgorzata Szabłowska – producer, director and designer, Graduate from St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. We are supported by the best light designers, multimedia specialists, photographers, ilustrators and producers – each time engaged and invited to the particular project. We work together to make the most unique and difficult projects and ideas to come to life. We operate in the world of production design – stage performances, special events, set designs for all kinds of projects in spatial design. We love to discover new worlds of creativity, to face new challenges – artistic, technical and organizational. We create  solution where set design and multimedia are part of coherent vision of our customers and our own. In eight years we have created multiple projects across Poland (Warszawa, Wrocław, Poznań) – hoping to expand and to cross this border in the near future.


Before the Studio….

1996-2000 – her first experiences she gained by producing  pyrotechnic a d multimedia shows as well as special effects for movies and comercials.

2000 -2004 – she has created and produced  events for biggest corporate clients in large venues across Poland

2004-2008 – during her studies at the St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London she has worked with event producers in London, Dubai, Paris and Berlin

Since the very begining of her career she has incorporated set design and multimedia design pushing the boundries of artistic possibilities. In her vision – set design and multimedia – are one –  part of a coherent vision created to inspire, enchant, move and to give hope.

Her projects and productions gather profesionals from all kinds of creation. She shows that united creation in world of art, culture, business and education may play part in solving social issues. Moreover through this way of acting, feeling and thinking world becomes better, more colorful and friendly.

She believes that being creative is fundumental in making a world a better place. That is why she works so eagerly with young people – full of enthusiasm, power of vision and fresh look.